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Gem #29: BULLIES

Palle here, with a little look behind the curtain on the visual side of creating Thomas Alsop. Hidden in all 8 issues are gems you probably missed. Here’s one of those gems. In issue #7, Thomas is on the ferry to Brooklyn, when he is confronted by a crew of New Yorkers not exactly thrilled […]

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A Tearful Farewell

Thomas Alsop has gained a following of loyal fans, who have been liking, sharing and supporting along the way. But nothing warms our hearts more than when tweets like this come in: My heart hurts. I feel like crying. And it’s all your fault, @CMMiskiewicz & @Palle_Schmidt #TeamAlsop forever. — Jas(min) (@ladylovescomics) January 15, 2015 Aw. […]

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The end is nigh! The final (?) issue of Thomas Alsop hits stores everywhere TODAY!! It’s been an awesome ride for us, the creators, and we are so happy so many of our readers felt the same way. We’ve already received at lot of love for the conclusion of the series. Here’s what This Podcast […]

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Breaking: Podcast Hosts Behind Alsop Beating

Sometimes you get a chance to put a big smile on someone’s face. That’s what happened when artist Palle Schmidt decided to give the crew of comics podcast Pete’s Basement a guest appearance in issue #7 of the book – without telling them. Pete’s Basement named Thomas Alsop Issue #1 Book of the Week and issue #2 […]

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Issue #6 is out!

A menace over 200 years old is back, and plaguing New York City’s subway system. Thomas Alsop is on the case, but just barely! The city hates him and even his friends are wondering if he’s okay. He has to fight an evil smoke monster so no, he’s not okay. The first review goes into […]

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Issue #5 is out!

The fifth instalment of Thomas Alsop hits the stands TODAY! And it’s actually a great jumping on point for those not familiar with the series. Do as The Hand commands, and get your hands on this issue, ASAP. You won’t be dissapointed! The first review of the issue just got in and it’s 1o out of […]

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First Thomas Alsop fan art!

French illustrator Elisabeth Neveux is blogging about comics and this week she wrote a great review of issue 1. But apart from the nice words, she also posted a nice piece of artwork inspired by the book and it’s characters. So here is the first bit of fan art we ever saw, featuring Alsop manor, […]

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Bleeding Cool love for issues #1 and #2!

Our friends at Bleeding Cool have dug deep into the nature of Thomas Alsop and put up an excellent SPOILER-FILLED review of the first two issues. Miskiewicz and Schmidt’s story begins in 2011, with Thomas living in decadent indulgence. His celebrity has provided him with the means to buy enough alcohol and drugs to numb him so […]

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First review of issue #2

Comic Bastards have been quick to read issue #2 and put up an excellent review which you can read here. An excerpt: When you pair the art with the fact that Thomas is hiding his true personality suddenly you begin to see and understand the body language that Schmidt is giving him. His “nonchalant” stroll […]

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Issue #1 reviewed

Tomorrow Wednesday the 18th of June 2014 is the official release date of Thomas Alsop issue #1! Reviews will start ticking in soon but we already have the first one by Comics Grinder: Thomas is a whiskey-soaked hipster who just happens to also be a warlock… In a great twist of irony, in order to […]

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