Gem #29: BULLIES

Palle here, with a little look behind the curtain on the visual side of creating Thomas Alsop. Hidden in all 8 issues are gems you probably missed. Here’s one of those gems.

In issue #7, Thomas is on the ferry to Brooklyn, when he is confronted by a crew of New Yorkers not exactly thrilled about his plans for a televised mass exorcism at the 9/11 10-year memorial ceremony. In short: Thomas get’s his ass kicked. But did you know who dispenses the ass kicking?

Gem-PeteHaving to populate a comic with a broad variation of cast members is sometimes challenging. But for this particular group I chose some native Brooklynites that I knew for sure where going to see the comic – and hopefully recognize themselves. The video podcast Pete’s Basement had been raving over the book since issue #1 and I found it only fitting to pay tribute to our fans by putting them in the comic.

As expected, Pete and the guys where all cheers when they spotted themselves in the comic. Even if they took a punch or two also.


The second trade paperback of Thomas Alsop is out October 25th. Pre-order from Amazon or directly from BOOM! Studios.

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