Bleeding Cool love for issues #1 and #2!


Our friends at Bleeding Cool have dug deep into the nature of Thomas Alsop and put up an excellent SPOILER-FILLED review of the first two issues.

Miskiewicz and Schmidt’s story begins in 2011, with Thomas living in decadent indulgence. His celebrity has provided him with the means to buy enough alcohol and drugs to numb him so that he can cope with a role he hates. The other members of the Alsop family aren’t too happy with Thomas’ new position as Hand either, his cavalier behavior creating tension between the Alsop’s and New York’s other prominent magician families.

Reporter Nikolai Fomich continues his analysis, seeing Thomas Alsop as part of the history of the United States and New York specifically:

Thomas Alsop is tale about the haunting of the present by the past. It’s about how Thomas and New York itself must each cope with old and new traumas if they are to move into the future.

There is a lot of love for how the story has played out so far, but also for the artwork:

Schmidt’s storytelling is superb and he uses both shading and especially coloring to great effect. Each moment has its own distinct feel and he manages to pull the reader immediately into different times and realms with deceptive ease. His art is almost impressionistic in places, and he always effectively conveys the mood of the moment.

[SPOILER WARNING: full article on Bleeding Cool]

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