Palle here, with a little look behind the curtain on the visual side of creating Thomas Alsop. Hidden in all 8 issues are gems you probably missed. Here’s one of those gems.

Alsop Manor is located in Calvary Cemetery in Queens, New York. Chris took me there on one of my trips to further lure me in to the mythology of Thomas Alsop. It’s all real. Or at least there was a family named Alsop who lived in the area back in the 1700’s, their graves are exactly where the manor is, now hidden in a place between past and present.
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I Googled hours and hours for 1700’s American architecture to find the right look for the manor. I learned about the Queen Anne style which was was what I used as my main reference, even though that type of building is from a later age.
The first exterior shot we see of Alsop Manor, New York 1702.

The first exterior shot we see of Alsop Manor, New York 1702.

On one of my trips to the West coast, I stopped to take pictures of Carson Mansion in Eureka, which became a major reference too. I think the year after, when Thomas Alsop had already started to come out, came upon an even more perfect model building in Astoria, Oregon. The building had been turned into a museum and me and my oldest daughter went in, taking a ton of reference pics of the interior. So if we ever get to do a second arc, I know exactly how to do it.

The second trade paperback of Thomas Alsop is out October 25th. Pre-order from Amazon or directly from BOOM! Studios.

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