Breaking: Podcast Hosts Behind Alsop Beating

Who is that beating up Thomas Alsop in issue #7 ?

Who is that beating up Thomas Alsop in issue #7 ?

Sometimes you get a chance to put a big smile on someone’s face. That’s what happened when artist Palle Schmidt decided to give the crew of comics podcast Pete’s Basement a guest appearance in issue #7 of the book – without telling them.

Pete’s Basement named Thomas Alsop Issue #1 Book of the Week and issue #2 was also – “Something that has never happened in the 7 years that Pete’s Basement has been running”. Because Pete’s are local New Yorkers and loved the book, it seemed fitting to let them kick Thomas’ butt in the latest issue. And seeing the smile on the faces of Pete, Cheezeburger and Ramon when they talk about the issue made our day.

“And here we are just kinda gang-stomping him right there. This is AWESOME!”

Go here to see the real people behind the ferry beating and click below the teaser video to hear the full episode. They start talking about Alsop around the six minute mark (Explicit language), and yes, they still love the book.


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