Issue #6 is out!

Thomas Alsop issue 6 of , OUT NOW from BOOM!

Thomas Alsop issue 6 of , OUT NOW from BOOM!

A menace over 200 years old is back, and plaguing New York City’s subway system. Thomas Alsop is on the case, but just barely! The city hates him and even his friends are wondering if he’s okay. He has to fight an evil smoke monster so no, he’s not okay.

The first review goes into some detail about the nature of Thomas Alsop as a celebrity you want to be and continue to praise the story and the artwork:

Chris continues to build layer after layer of coolness with this story.  And Palle is bringing it with his art.  I really dig the flashbacks and the completely different feel they have.  The modern day scenes have almost a sloppy, unfocussed vibe to them with the water color look.  It fits perfectly with Thomas.  He’s not a precision kind of guy.  He flies by the seat of his skill and makes it happen.  These panels show that very nicely.  But in the flashbacks, the black and white brings a sense of gravity to the panels.  There’s a depth there giving credence to the history they are telling.

We are honored and glad that people are connecting to Thomas the way they do. So weird that the series is coming to a finale soon. However there’s still time to dig in and read before the ending is upon us. As our friends at Rockin’ Comics put it:

This book is just so damn good.  Buy it.

And since you can get all the back issues through Comixology, you really have no excuse not to.

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