Thomas Alsop is the current Hand of the Island. A title that’s been passed down from generation to generation of the Alsop family since Richard Alsop was cursed in 1699 by an Indian tribe to become the supernatural protector for all of New York. Ever since that day, members of the Alsop Family have battled against every type of darkness in the service of the Island, a mysterious woman who guides them all, but only reveals herself in their dreams.


Thomas Alsop, illusionist, supernatural detective, media sensation.

In every era of Manhattan, a Hand of the Island has been present behind the scenes, all until Thomas Alsop. Thomas Alsop might be the most eccentric Hand of all. A few years ago his buddy, Marcus Rogers, filmed him on a drunken evening battling a supernatural force that was trying to invade Manhattan. Marcus put the video on YouTube, where it went viral within a week. One month later, Thomas was offered a reality ghost hunter show, Thomas Alsop – Supernatural Detective. Now, Thomas is a national star, filming skits on late night shows, while busting ghosts for your viewing pleasure.