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Character Studies: RICHARD ALSOP

Chris: An image of a stoic Dutch figure, draped in black, walking the banks of the Newtown Creek, has filled my thoughts since discovering the Alsop Cemetery in 2011. I’ve seen him in my dreams, in my mind, out of the corner of my eyes, and then, eventually, on paper. Richard is everything I ever […]

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Palle: I modelled Gordon after the actor Robert Vaughn (Bullit, The Magnificent Seven). I liked the arrogant intelligence he came across with and I could find images of him both as a young man and and older. Ashley was modelled after actor/director Sofia Coppola. As Thomas’ sister, I wanted there to be a resemblance – […]

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Character Studies: THE ‘O’

Chris: These guys come straight out of my New York nightmares. Those guys you see from time to time on rainy cold days on downtown streets. You just know there’s something off about them, and you’d never want to be in a room with all of their friends. Dark, gaunt, skeletal, and yet so much […]

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