Character Studies: RICHARD ALSOP


An image of a stoic Dutch figure, draped in black, walking the banks of the Newtown Creek, has filled my thoughts since discovering the Alsop Cemetery in 2011. I’ve seen him in my dreams, in my mind, out of the corner of my eyes, and then, eventually, on paper. Richard is everything I ever thought he’d be… The most powerful sorcerer to ever walk on North American soil.


I always saw Richard as this very stoic, righteous, Quaker-looking man. The black frock and wide-brimmed hat I think I got from The Crucible and other period stuff. He has a very proper demeanor and speaks no nonsense – unlike Thomas! I deliberately tried to make him the opposite of the current hand in every way, even though they share not only powers but a sense of justice.

Richard came to me fully realized, with his sideburns and hawk-like face. I don’t know why exactly, but even just hearing Chris talk about him, there was really no other way for me to picture him. Luckily Chris agreed…


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