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I modelled Gordon after the actor Robert Vaughn (Bullit, The Magnificent Seven). I liked the arrogant intelligence he came across with and I could find images of him both as a young man and and older. Ashley was modelled after actor/director Sofia Coppola. As Thomas’ sister, I wanted there to be a resemblance – in this case, the big nose.

I always try to make the rest of Thomas’ family look like they are much more in charge than he is, much more controlled and well-dressed at all times. The most powerful character description is contrast, so by making Gordon and Ashley look and feel very capable of running things, Thomas looks all the more like a screw-up.

Palle hit the nail on the head with their design. Ashley is a mirror of Thomas, while Gordon is just an annoying bastard. Plus the part of making them look so together while Thomas is a mess was a great touch.

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