Character Studies: MARTIN DELGADO

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In the script, Martin is black. I went with a more hispanic look, based on his last name and the fact we alreayda had two balck supporting characters in the book. The younger Martin is trying to play it cool, where the older Martin seems to have found himself more. And as a fireman, he just HAD to have a moustache! In the younger version he might be trying to grow one, but hasn’t been able to. In the book, I gave the young Martin that iconic Rolling Stones t-shirt because he’s always raving about that band.

I dig Martin Delgado. In many ways, he and Kal Pitafi serve the same purpose during different eras in Thomas’s life. They’re both his “everyman.” I had originally wanted to go with more of a punk feeling with the Martin’s look, but Palle totally hit the mark during his designs. I was thinking of a bigger guy, with more African American features. Tonally speaking, it just made more sense to go more “Grungy” for his younger look, and make the guy smaller. I’d have to say that Martin is the one character who came out looking nothing like I originally intended, but instead think that the path Palle took with him redefined who the character would be in a much more believable way.
And of course… the moustache rules.

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