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Last issue of Thomas Alsop out 01/14

We are fast approaching the end of volume 1 and we promise you are in for a treat. Thomas is dead set on going through with the exorcism at the 9/11 memorial ceremony, even though everyone and their mother are out to stop him. If you just cannot wait, check out this preview of the […]

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USA Today votes Thomas Alsop Best Miniseries of 2014

The year ended with a bang for the creative team behind Thomas Alsop, when we discovered that USA Today had put the book on their list of best comics of 2014. Ambitious in scope as well as storytelling, Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt’s book balances the satirical and supernatural while centering on different eras in the […]

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Breaking: Podcast Hosts Behind Alsop Beating

Sometimes you get a chance to put a big smile on someone’s face. That’s what happened when artist Palle Schmidt decided to give the crew of comics podcast Pete’s Basement a guest appearance in issue #7 of the book – without telling them. Pete’s Basement named Thomas Alsop Issue #1 Book of the Week and issue #2 […]

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Character Studies: RICHARD ALSOP

Chris: An image of a stoic Dutch figure, draped in black, walking the banks of the Newtown Creek, has filled my thoughts since discovering the Alsop Cemetery in 2011. I’ve seen him in my dreams, in my mind, out of the corner of my eyes, and then, eventually, on paper. Richard is everything I ever […]

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Issue #7 is out!

It seems as if all of New York is out to get Thomas. The city folk are not taking the news of the 3,000 well and the O’ are coming to literally murder him. But Thomas has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He just needs to escape long enough to perform a […]

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Issue #6 is out!

A menace over 200 years old is back, and plaguing New York City’s subway system. Thomas Alsop is on the case, but just barely! The city hates him and even his friends are wondering if he’s okay. He has to fight an evil smoke monster so no, he’s not okay. The first review goes into […]

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Location scouting: ALSOP MANOR

Chris: Palle used a few different buildings to piece together Alsop Manor, all or which worked perfectly. He set the mood and tone of a spooky home base for this family, utterly believable and beautifully drawn. I think the best part of taking him to the Alsop family grave might have been the look on […]

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