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Character Studies: RICHARD ALSOP

Chris: An image of a stoic Dutch figure, draped in black, walking the banks of the Newtown Creek, has filled my thoughts since discovering the Alsop Cemetery in 2011. I’ve seen him in my dreams, in my mind, out of the corner of my eyes, and then, eventually, on paper. Richard is everything I ever […]

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Location scouting: ALSOP MANOR

Chris: Palle used a few different buildings to piece together Alsop Manor, all or which worked perfectly. He set the mood and tone of a spooky home base for this family, utterly believable and beautifully drawn. I think the best part of taking him to the Alsop family grave might have been the look on […]

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Location scouting: GBGB’s

Chris: The year CBGB’s closed, its front sign was featured in the New York State official travel commercial. I always shook my head at that. “Come to New York, and look at the closed gate of Historic CBGB’s.” The club closing was another one of those nail in the coffin moments, because no matter how […]

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