Three cheers for issue #3

Thomas_Alsop_003_COVER-AWhile the third installment of Thomas Alsop is selling out fast at retailers all across the US, some reviewers have managed to get their hands on a copy. Here are a few quotes:

Thomas Alsop #3 is dark and haunting. From the beginning facing 9/11 as a New Yorker to the drug overdose, there is very little cheer in this comic. With strong writing and gorgeous artwork, however, the comic becomes impossible to put down.

— Fangirl Nation

Palle Schmidt (Mean Streets) uses what seems to be a mix of watercolor and ink wash to wonderful effect.  The flashback scenes, in which we see the first Hand going about his business and learn about the ill-fated Towers site, are lovely and really do a wonderful job of separating the two timelines visually while keeping them connected inside the context of the story.  As I mentioned before the last image in issue 2 was stunning, and he continues that fine work in this issue as well.

— Bag and Bored

Thomas Alsop is definitely in my top five for books being published, but could find itself sitting at the top. This issue left me foaming at the mouth for more of the story and really I just couldn’t believe how damn good it was. After the first two issues I knew it would be good because it’s too early in the story to drop the ball, but this good!?! I never imagined.

— Comic Bastards

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