Issue #1 of Thomas Alsop FREE on Bleeding Cool

boom_thomas_alsop_001_aOur friends at Bleeding Cool have shown a lot of love for Thomas Alsop. This week they put up the entire first issue of the book for free to help spread the word about the upcoming trade paperback.

The prevailing features of the comic, from its moody, watercolor artwork in an unusually sensitive palette to its entire plot premise–following a modern day magician in New York linking to previous historical incarnations of his family– resulted in something of a cult comic with critical attention and fan support from the far corners of the country, if not the world.

The trade collects issues 1-4 of 8 and is on sale in comic shops on April 29. The Diamond Order Code for the trade is FEB1149.
You can pre-order the trade through your local comic shop or wherever books are sold. To find your local comic shop, you can use

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