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First review of issue #2

Comic Bastards have been quick to read issue #2 and put up an excellent review which you can read here. An excerpt: When you pair the art with the fact that Thomas is hiding his true personality suddenly you begin to see and understand the body language that Schmidt is giving him. His “nonchalant” stroll […]

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Thomas Alsop issue #2 preview!

13th dimension has put up an exclusive preview of the first pages of Thomas Alsop issue #2 – Ghosts, spiders, fire, cops and reporters! Never a dull moment on Thomas Alsop – Supernatural Detective. Click through for the preview.

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Where to buy?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions on where people can get their hands on issue #1 of Thomas Alsop which was released this week from BOOM! Studios. And luckily we have a few answers! If you’re in the US, Canada or any other English speaking country there’s a good chance your local comics store […]

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Issue #1 reviewed

Tomorrow Wednesday the 18th of June 2014 is the official release date of Thomas Alsop issue #1! Reviews will start ticking in soon but we already have the first one by Comics Grinder: Thomas is a whiskey-soaked hipster who just happens to also be a warlock… In a great twist of irony, in order to […]

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It’s alive!!!

So, at Phoenix Comic Con, writer Chris Miskewicz endured the heat to deliver the first issue of Thomas Alsop for the hungry masses. Both the “standard” edition with a cover by the artist, Palle Schmidt, as well as the variant cover by our friend Dean Haspiel flew over the counter as the day went by. […]

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Interview with USA Today

Writer Chris Miskiewicz and artist Palle Schmidt had a nice chat with a reporter from USA Today last week. The result can be read here: We are both blown away by the amount of interest for this book. If you still haven’t ordered issue #1 of Thomas Alsop (released June 18th), go bug your […]

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Thomas Alsop on Facebook

Everyone wants a piece of New York’s hippest warlock, Thomas Alsop. And now you can too! Go on over to Facebook and follow him there. He doesn’t post a lot, but that’s because he’s busy chasing demons or getting drunk on the Lower East Side…

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We finally got a home base for all things Alsop! Here you will find news and reviews and links to interviews, such as the recent Behind the Magic of “Thomas Alsop” with Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt and The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Interviews Chris Miskiewicz and Palle Schmidt of ‘Thomas Alsop’. The first issue of Thomas […]

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