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Issue #1 of Thomas Alsop FREE on Bleeding Cool

Our friends at Bleeding Cool have shown a lot of love for Thomas Alsop. This week they put up the entire first issue of the book for free to help spread the word about the upcoming trade paperback. The prevailing features of the comic, from its moody, watercolor artwork in an unusually sensitive palette to its […]

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First Thomas Alsop fan art!

French illustrator Elisabeth Neveux is blogging about comics and this week she wrote a great review of issue 1. But apart from the nice words, she also posted a nice piece of artwork inspired by the book and it’s characters. So here is the first bit of fan art we ever saw, featuring Alsop manor, […]

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Bleeding Cool love for issues #1 and #2!

Our friends at Bleeding Cool have dug deep into the nature of Thomas Alsop and put up an excellent SPOILER-FILLED review of the first two issues. Miskiewicz and Schmidt’s story begins in 2011, with Thomas living in decadent indulgence. His celebrity has provided him with the means to buy enough alcohol and drugs to numb him so […]

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Where to buy?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions on where people can get their hands on issue #1 of Thomas Alsop which was released this week from BOOM! Studios. And luckily we have a few answers! If you’re in the US, Canada or any other English speaking country there’s a good chance your local comics store […]

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Issue #1 reviewed

Tomorrow Wednesday the 18th of June 2014 is the official release date of Thomas Alsop issue #1! Reviews will start ticking in soon but we already have the first one by Comics Grinder: Thomas is a whiskey-soaked hipster who just happens to also be a warlock… In a great twist of irony, in order to […]

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