Comic Bastards interview Miskiewicz and Schmidt

Thomas-and-RichardOur friends at Comic Bastards have been really supportive of Thomas Alsop, giving rave reviews. Here’s an excerpt from their take on issue #4:

I can’t get enough of this story and it’s become one of the first titles I read upon its release. The only thing that bothers me about it is the “of 8” on the cover because eight just isn’t enough. I hope the creators are already planning a second volume because I’m going to need it. The series might be half over, but it’s still worth the time it would take to get caught up. Score: 5/5

And Yesterday, Dustin put up a lengthy interview with the creators. Here’s a quote from Chris:

As far as Thomas Alsop goes, it’s a complete 50/50 collaboration. We share scripts, talk through the beats of a scene, location, coloring, basically everything. We’re running this like a TV show talking about every aspect of production down to the t-shirt’s Thomas is wearing.

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